Place to visit in Antalya Turkey

Place to visit in Antalya Turkey.

Here in Antalya, you can get the feel of the amazing vibes of ancient Rome and modern Turkey. Antalya is one of the biggest cities in Turkey. Here you can do lots of stuff and you can enjoy 2 to 3 days in just Antalya. Let’s see some amazing places to visit in Antalya, Turkey.

1. Hadrian Castle Gate

The great Headian gates are built for the welcome of the great Roman emperor Hadrian. These gates are also standing as it is as they were standing in the age of Romans in the year of 130. Now you can also visit and the Hadrian gate also welcomes you to visit Antalya. 

It has 8 meters (26.6 feet) in height, these have three entry arches and four pillars supporting the gate. Hadrian is one of the most ancient places to visit in Antalya turkey. If you are visiting Antalya and want to take some rest the Hadrian Gate is the perfect place for that. You can take some snacks and rest in the garden where there are lots of resting places. And you can enjoy the vibes of Hadrian gate. It was a nice place to get some cool pics and you can do awesome photography there.  If you want to visit Antalya turkey you can easily book your Turkey visa online in just three simple steps by clicking here

2. Düden Waterfalls

Duden waterfall is an amazing place to visit in Antalya. It’s very calming and it’s just 30 minutes far from the city. If you are visiting Antalya and want to spend some time with nature and want to see some amazing waterfalls you can visit Duden Waterfalls. 

To enjoy the beautiful view of Duden Waterfall, you can go to the top of the rocky cliff. It was fun to see the waterfall directly dropping into the Mediterranean Sea.  

3. Konyaaltı Beach

In Antalya, you can visit Konyaalti Beach which is a very beautiful beach. Here you can spend your time by seeing the beautiful scene of the Mediterranean Sea. here you can do lots of stuff like Banana boat riding and swimming in the sea. Or you can take a bicycle so you can see the whole of Konyaalti Beach. It is the best place to take a rest and spend your evening watching the sunset.

The best time to enjoy at Konyaalti Beach is between 4 pm to 7 pm. Konyaalti Beach is a complementary view of the Taurus Mountain range, If you go to the end of the Konyaalti beach you will see an amazing mountain view and at the same time, you can also enjoy the relive view of the blue Mediterranean Sea.

4. Antalya Aquarium

The Antalya Aquarium is the world’s biggest tunnel aquarium. If you have some chile with you this place is going to be for them. There are lots of fun things to do. And your child will enjoy the Antalya Aquarium as well as you. 

You can book your Antalya Aquarium ticket online just by googling it and you will get the Antalya Aquarium website. Where you can plan your trip to Antalya Aquarium and buy a ticket online. The Aquarium is open from 10 am to 7 pm and the ticket office is close within 30 minutes before closing time. So, it’s a great idea to book your ticket online for Antalya Aquarium. If you are planning to visit Antalya Turkey book your online turkey visa here.

Antalya Aquarium has fast-food chains, cafes, restaurants, a 5D movie theater, a snow world and ice museum, reptile house. Here you can spend your whole day with your children with lots of fun.

You can make your Antalya turkey tour remembering if you visited this Antalya Aquarium. It gives you a whole lot of opportunity and is the best possible experience for you. So you can enjoy your Antalya Trip. 

The Antalya Aquarium Tunnel is the world’s largest tunnel with 131 meters long and 3-meter width. It’s going to be fun and you will enjoy the journey. Here you will get McDonald’s who ensure you are not being hungry at Antalya Aquarium 

5. Köprülü Canyon

Koprulu is a national park that is 400 meters deep and 14 km long. You can find amazing fish restaurants in the rest area of Koprulu. You must have to visit this place to enjoy the amazing kopru river and its deep clean, cold water and see the canyon in Koprulu national park and go to the top of the bridge. Book your e visa for apply for turkish e visa easily by clicking here.

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