The Secret Cities of Turkey

The Secret Cities of Turkey You have to Visit Once

Turkey is a very big travel destination among travelers. So, there are lots of people who just travel to the most famous places in Turkey like Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, etc. but there are lots of hidden or underrated cities to visit in Turkey also. If you have plenty of time or have a long time in Turkey. So, we found some awesome cities you can visit to explore more about this amazing country. If you travel to Turkey most frequently and want to visit new destinations in Turkey then this blog is for you. Let’s see some hidden and secret cities of Turkey you have to visit once.

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Some people plan their journey for a long time and spend their whole week in just Istanbul for some reason. But you can also visit the neighboring cities of Istanbul like Bursa, Trabzon, etc. which are also very beautiful places to visit. You can rent a car to visit these cities or you can use the bus, train and other public transport you prefer.

1 Bursa

Bursa is a wonderful place if you want to visit in winter or you want to feel nature. On account of the various parks and wonderful mountains inside and around Bursa, it was given the moniker “Yeşil Bursa” (Green Bursa). It was before the Ottoman state’s capital, and its importance as a modern place proceeds right up ’till today. Also, there are lots of luxury hotels in Bursa if you are planning to stay there for a long time.  

The ski resort of Mount Uludag, which ignores it, is a major draw for skiers in the colder time of year. The mountain offers help from the warmth and lovely mountain sees in the late spring. To get to the top, take the Telerik. 

Cumalkizik, with its curious cobblestone roads, is a protected Ottoman town right outside of the downtown area that offers a brief look into the commonplace Turkish lifestyle; come here for the enormous town breakfast spreads. You can use a taxi or take a direct flight from Istanbul to Bursa

At the Kayhan Bazaar, you can purchase ebru artworks, filmography, ceramics and tiles, calligraphy, metal craftsmanship, and Ottoman-period collectibles. Additionally, the regular warm spas and hammams are not to be missed!

2. Trabzon

Trabzon is a wonderful place to visit in north-eastern part of turkey. It’s full of fog and mountains which makes the place very amazing and beautiful. There are lots of options to entertain. You can go for tracking, camping etc. 

Trabzon gives two sorts of diversion: it is arranged on the Black Sea in northeastern Turkey, and the Pontic Mountains go through it, making a nice place like hill-station weather and atmosphere. This region gives an interesting viewpoint on Turkey, one sprinkled with snapshots of quiet. Investigate the Sumela Monastery, which was set up in 346 AD by the Greek Orthodox Church. 

Go through the night close to the UzunGöl or Long Lake, watch the nightfall over the Black Sea at Boztepe, and visit the Trabzon Ataturk Kosku exhibition hall to offer your appreciation to the country’s principal architect. Trabzon likewise has its own Hagia Sophia, which isn’t equivalent to the one in Istanbul! 

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3. Kusadasi

Kusadasi is an ideal occasion objective for singles, couples, families, or retired people, offering something for everybody. Also, You can visit Aquapark if you are planning to visit Kusadasi in summer. Or you can do Scuba Diving in Kusadasi. 

Kusadasi is one of the Turkish Mediterranean’s most well-known journey transport ports, and this harbor town is about sun, ocean, and fun occasions. Known for its deal shopping and energetic diversion scene, it has become, in the course of recent many years, a most loved objective for guests from Europe on bundle occasions 

Kusadasi is a beautiful town and a famous vacationer location among sightseers visiting this excellent country. It’s a very nice place to visit, the pigeon island. Aside from the fish and fun occasions, there is an energetic and wonderful climate just as incredible shopping alternatives that draw in the voyagers here.

4. Konya

The fundamental explanation for individuals visiting Konya is the Mevlana Museum, the previous dervish school turned historical center. Konya is an amazing city in the south of Ankara in Turkey’s Central Anatolia area. It’s a journey objective for Sufis, zeroed in on the burial place of the organizer of the Mevlana request, Jalaluddin Rumi, in the Mevlana Museum. Sema spinning dervish functions happen at the Mevlana Cultural Center, east of the gallery. The twelfth-century Alaeddin Mosque is encircled by the green parks of Alaeddin Hill 

Konya city is known to be the biggest freshwater lake in Turkey and perhaps the main public parks. Beysehir Lake is significant for the travel industry in Konya and draws in a great many individuals every year to its 2 seashores and 22 islands for water and mountain sports. 

5. Adana

It is a very amazing place to visit and everything is well maintained. Adana is additionally popular for its flavorful Adana Kebap and other meat dishes. The tea houses and cafés close by the Seyhan Dam and Lake give a cool and ideal perspective on the city and the waterway at dusks 

Adana is a city in the southern area of Turkey on the Seyhan River that slices through the city. from recorded locales to current bistros and bars, Adana has various attractions making it a famous objective that merits a visit. 

The most ideal approach to get from Adana to Istanbul is to fly, which takes 2h 11m and expenses like $108 to $205. You can use a direct flight from Istanbul to Adana. And it’s very affordable as compared to other options like bus and train. Or if you are not interested in flights go for another alternative like a bus or train from Istanbul to Adana.

If you are visiting Istanbul for a long period of time. Don’t forget to visit these cities. They are almost worth visiting if you are in Istanbul. Also if you want to book your turkey visa online you can contact us.

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