Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Adana, Turkey

Top 7 Fun Things To Do In Adana, Turkey

Hello, guys in this travel blog of Adana, Turkey. We will see 7 fun things to do in Adana, and also discuss Adana culture, people, and its historical point of view. 

Adana is the 5th largest city of Turkey and it’s situated beside the Seyhan River. And if you’re visiting Adana don’t forget to try the best Turkish Adana kebab. You can find this dish in all the famous restaurants of Adana Turkey. If you’re looking for an evisa Turkey please contact us.

This city is well connected and has beautiful vibes in every part of the city. Now, let’s see the best place in Adana to visit.

1.Travel To Sabanci Merkez Mosque, Adana

You can see this Sabanci mosque from all around Adana city. It’s looking very beautiful and you will feel very calm in the Sabanci Merkez Mosque. It’s the center of attraction in Adana city. Sabanci is the 2nd biggest mosque in turkey. It’s build and opened for the public in 1998. The six minarets are the most recognizable element of the historical center, four of them at the tallness of 99m and the more modest two at 75m

The inside of the historical center is just about as flawless as its outside with wonderful calligraphy works and elaborate artistic creation and tile designs. There are four boards confronting Kiblah which are the biggest on the planet and an incredible sight. Given the mosque’s monumental presence it is outlandish that you will miss it so walk in and wonder about its excellence or unwind in the tremendous all-around manicured yards.

You can see the beauty of this Mosque from everywhere in the city center. In the backside of this mosque, you will find a beautiful Central Park. Also known as a city park, it’s situated next to the Seyhan River. Where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mosque and river and take some rest as well. 

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2. Stone Bridge (Taskopru)

This stone bridge is one of the oldest stone bridges built in 200 A.D. This bridge is now only used as a footbridge and cultural activity. All kinds of vehicles were banned from 2007 to save this historical bridge from further damage. 

Taskopru stone bridge has been used as the main transportation and connection point from one side to another of the Seyhan River in Adana Turkey. The approx length of this stone bridge is 310m and it has 21-arched and 15 stone bridge pillars.

From this stone bridge, you also enjoy the view of the Sabanci Merkez Mosque. So, if you’re planning to visit Adana, Turkey, Then please contact us to book your e-visa online for Turkey with easy and simple three steps.. 

3. Varda Koprusu Bridge  

This bridge is also known as Alman Koprusu. The engineering of this bridge is admirable. Varda Viaduct Bridge was built with the help of the Ottoman-German project. It connects Berlin with Barsa with the Istanbul-Baghdad railway line. This is the most difficult project to build and the route of this railway line needs to overcome the Taurus Mountains between Konya and Adana. Which makes this bridge very interesting and beautiful. 

Do you remember the Skyfall movie’s train fight scene where James Bond was hit by a bullet from hir partner and fell from the railway bridge? Yeah, you got this. This is the bridge where the Skyfall movie’s opening train fight scene is shooted.  

If you’re a die heart fan of James Bond movies then this place is a must to visit if you’re going to Adana Turkey. Also if you want to book your visa for Turkey Visa online you can contact us. 

Apart from the movie aspect, it’s a very beautiful palace to visit. And you can enjoy the panoramic view of Varda Koprusu Bridge from the local cafes. So, if you need to visit the Varda Koprusu Bridge, Get the Toros Express train, which runs every day from Adana and Konya. As the railroad line goes through the Taurus Mountains, it’s a drastically picturesque excursion between the two urban areas. 

To visit the Varda Bridge, head northwest from Adana city for 52 kilometers, through the territory’s horticultural heartland, to the town of Karaisalı, and afterward follow the signs from here for a farther 18 kilometers to the extension. If you’re going to travel to Turkey please contact us to book your e visa online for turkey with simple and easy steps.

4. Seyhan Dam 

Seyhan dam is a very beautiful palace. If you’re in Adana you can visit this place to enjoy the nature of Adana. This is not just a dam, it’s more than that. Here you can find water boat rides. Restaurants and parks as well. It’s full of adventure, if you have a family with you. Then this place will be a must-visit option for you. You and your family can enjoy the view of the dam, go for boat rides. And have some kebabs in a restaurant. You can take a walk of the Seyhan dam and enjoy the beautiful view of the Seyhan River and Dam.  

5. Merkez Park of Adana

Merkez park is the center of attraction in Adana city. Locals come for a walk and exercise in the morning. And this park is full of nature, beautiful flowers, trees and plants. You can come here after visiting the Sabanci Mosque. 

The park was built for Adana locals and it’s inclined in the city plan in 1998. And it takes some challenges to build this one. They relocated the Central Bus Terminal, around 100’s of homes in the area and the gas station also. These are relocated to build this magnificent park. 

They build the underground car park and recreate all pathways around the both Seyhan River banks. The citrus trees and wild plants are completely removed and converted into a multi-functional green area of the Merkez Park. The park is  

Merkez Park is beautifully designed and focuses on every aspect and need of the Adana people and tourists. In this park, you will find 67 different trees & bushes with a total count of 400 thousand. The park also has a 12 pounds and 5.4 acre playground for children, mini amphitheater, 1.9 mi cycling path. You can enjoy the view of the Sabanci Mosque and Seyhan River at the park and take some rest. 

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6. BuyukSaat

If you are looking for a place for shopping and want to visit some casual places in Adana. Then BuyukSaat is the best place to visit. This is the 2nd biggest clock tower in Turkey. It’s 32 m and the foundation of this tower is even deeper at 35 m. it’s constructed with bricks in 1879 by the mayor Mangoyan and completed in 1882. 

You will find lots of shops and restaurants in this area. And some local artifacts shops also. So, if you need any help to book your visa for Turkey you can contact us. 

7. Adana Archeology Museum

If you want to explore the history of Adana, Turkey then you can visit this Museum. The entry fee for each adult is 5 Turkish lira. This museum was founded in 1919 and the objects and statues were founded by local civilians and French military personnel. It has lots of historical value and objects from the Hittite period. You can find a statue of a god on a chariot, Iron Age, Roman, Ottoman, etc. 

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