Turkey adventure guide

The Istanbul Turkey adventure guide [thing to do at istanbul]

To start your adventure in Istanbul, Turkey, you need an energetic Turkish breakfast! Which include eggs, bread, olives, several kinds of cheese and served with delicious honey, clotted cream, and great quality tea. This breakfast will give you the amazing energy to enjoy your day in Istanbul. Because there are lots of areas you have to walk in and some streets like climbing small mountains.

To enjoy the adventure of Istanbul you have to visit Istiklal Street. This is the most visited and popular place in Istanbul. Everyone suggests you visit Istiklal street. If you want to enjoy shopping and reading real food. You will get everything here.

You can visit me anytime you want on Istiklalstreet but it looks more beautiful at night and lots of wonderful people sing there in the group. And don’t forget to buy ice cream. It’s so nice and it’ll just cost you 20 lira. It makes this place more adventurous and makes you feel full in Istanbul.  If you want to you can easily book your electronic visa for turkey in just three simple steps by clicking here.

Istiklal street is a very beautiful place to visit. And don’t forget to take a ride on a red tram. If you don’t do that, don’t worry because It’s also a wonderful experience to just watch that red tram passing from your side. It’s so beautiful and there are lots of shops to shop for major brands like Gucci, Zara, Gap, H&M, etc. you can also find some traditional shops here. Where you can buy traditional stuff from Istanbul. And the best thing about Istiklal street is everything is available at a very affordable price.

Now you can see Taksim Square.

This is a very historical place and it’s known as the center of modern Istanbul. This is the major tourist place in Istanbul turkey. It is a very beautiful place to visit. If you are going here at night this is the best time. Taksim Square is part of the European side of Istanbul turkey. This is also the best neighborhood in Istanbul for tourists if you want to stay in Istanbul.

Let’s see the beauty of Istanbul from Galata Tower.

If you want a full panoramic view of Istanbul then this is the best place to visit. You can visit here from Taksim Square by metro which takes approx 8 minutes to reach Galata Tower. It’s originally built in the 14th century as a watchtower. Now Galata Tower is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Istanbul. And you can see this Galata tower from different locations in Istanbul. Book your e visa for Turkish Visa easily by clicking here.

It’s very beautiful from the outside as well as inside. You can enjoy the 360 views of Istanbul from Galata Tower. Here you will find some historic exhibitions and ancient artists showcasing in Galata Tower also. The neighborhood is also very beautiful and peaceful there.

After Galata Tower, you can visit the Galata Bridge.

This is a beautiful Galata bridge built on Golden Horn and connects the north and south part of European Istanbul. If you don’t know this about Istanbul, it’s part of Europe and rests on the ASEAN side. That’s why we also know Istanbul as the bridge of two continents.

Galata Bridge is very popular for its fishing spots. You can buy some street food and snacks here. If you are hungry and recharge yourself for the next adventure. After you finish up with Galata bridge.

Let’s take a cruise on the Bosphorus Istanbul turkey.

If you are planning a great dinner night. You can book any cruise which you can afford and like. It all depends on your choice. There are lots of cruises you can choose from. But whatever cruise you are going to choose you will get lots of entertainment out there. And good Turkish dinner with some outstanding dance performances on a cruise onboard. You can also participate in that performance and enjoy your evening on a beautiful cruise trip on the Bosphorus Istanbul turkey.

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With extra time, consider going through an evening in a Turkish hammam (spa), walking around the previous dividers of Constantinople, requiring a road trip to the Prince Islands, visiting the Suleymaniye Mosque, making a beeline for Asia to look at the clamoringneighborhood of Kadikoy, visiting the Valens Aqueduct, going to see the shocking Chora Church, or seeing a Whirling Dervish show.  book your Turkey Visa Online here.

Best walking alternate options in Istanbul to make your visit more adventurous.

Cab or Taxi

Cabs are incredibly normal (and sensibly estimated) in Istanbul, however, the drivers do have a propensity for attempting to misuse vacationers. The beginning charge is 4 lira, make sure you watch the meter, and demand utilizing the meter any place you go–chances are that you’ll get at any rate a couple of drivers attempting to get you to consent to a set admission.

This is our most basic technique for traveling in Istanbul when we can’t walk.

Cable car or Tram

Cable cars or Trams are very popular in Istanbul, especially red trams. But only in certain spaces in Istanbul, you might need to utilize this option to visit Sultanahmet to get from Topkapi Palace to the Grand Bazaar, however, you can likewise walk. The cable car that runs down Istiklal is, even more, a vacation destination than a wellspring of transportation, however, go ahead and bounce on if the mindset strikes.

Ship or Ferry

In the ship among Europe and Asia on the Bosphorus Strait is something famous to do in Istanbul


Istanbul has a sweeping and current metro framework on the off chance that you need to cover huge distances and need a more moderate choice than a taxi, cab, or Uber, the metro is an incredible decision you can even take between the European and Asian side of Istanbul.

If you want to rent a car in Istanbul it’s also a good idea. But our advice is to use public transport and walk most of Istanbul because it’s very crowded and you don’t want to miss the adventure of walking around Taksim Square and Galata Tower areas. They are very beautiful.

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