Turkey Important update..

turkey important update

International travel is permitted in turkey. But, You need to be quarantined on arrival and it can take 14 days. The quarantine facility is provided by states for travelers. You need to show your negative PCR test repost on arrival which has to be done in the previous 72 hours.

All travels are required to test some common testing for covid-19 symptoms. Also, they test your temperature, virus, and other covid tests. If you have some covid-19 symptoms you may need some further health testing.

You need to follow the curfew guideline provided by the local officials and other authorities. There is a lockdown between 10 pm to 5 am. Also, there are weekend Lockwood and night curfew. The weekend lockdown goes from 10 pm on Saturday to 5 am on Monday. Please follow all the covid guidelines and wear a mask which has to cover your nose and mount properly. 

The covid test on arrival is necessary. Those who tested positive, then you need to follow the instructions of the health officials. And those who tested negative have to be self-monitor for the next 14 days. Apply Now Turkey Visa Online

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