Privacy Policy

This page enlists our privacy policy and our commitment to protect data. We assure you that your data is in safe hands. If we seek any information of yours, it is required for the application process. We promise we shall utilize that data based on our privacy policy.

Information we ask for:

  • Name and other details required for the application
  • Contact information encompassing phone numbers and email.
  • Demographic data like address, ZIP code, etc.
  • Some other details as required for the application process.

Why we require the above-mentioned information?

  • Maintaining internal records
  • Maintaining internal records
  • Inform you about ongoing offers or lucrative deals
  • For customization of our website and research purpose


We completely abide by security norms and can assure you your information is safe with us. To safeguard your information, we have implemented physical, electronic, and managerial procedures.

Safeguarding your data

To protect your information from being used for market research purpose, you could do as follows:

Whenever you are asked to fill a form, there is a disable option for data being used for market research purposes. Simply disable it and your data shall not be used for this purpose. In case you initially agreed to it but now have changed your mind, you could drop an email to us to revoke it. We shall not sell, lease, or distribute your data. Nor shall we sell it to a third-party unless you permit us to do so. You are liable to ask for the information we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 1998 after paying a nominal fee. After payment, we shall email you the information. By any chance, if you notice we have inaccurate information about you, do not hesitate to write to us.